The key to success when it comes to building your self-defense or martial arts skills lies in having a skilled and physically fit grappling partner. However, it is also important you build your muscles and condition your body to ensure you can withstand long periods of intense grappling. If you are thinking about starting your own home gym, the following are some of the things that you will need to have.

i) Kettlebells

A home gym is not complete without kettlebells. In addition to helping you to build your muscle mass, kettlebells will also help you with your anaerobic exercises. This means that they are perfect for both bodybuilding and conditioning. They require very little space, so they can fit perfectly into your home gym. There are many types of exercises that you can do with kettlebells.

ii) A Punching Bag

Even if you get a workout partner with whom you can practice your martial arts skills, they are bound to get tired. Besides, people have things to do, so a punching bag can be a wonderful addition to any home gym. After all, you can always practice whenever you want. If you’ve had a bad day at work and feel like hitting someone or something, consider going to the home gym and release your frustrations on the punching bag. As you can see, this is a must-have.

iii) TRX Suspension Training Kit

These kits can be found in almost every gym nowadays. This is the complete full-body workout equipment. Once you have set it up properly, you can be assured of working every single muscle in your body at home. The best thing about suspension training kits is that they require little space, so they can fit comfortably in your home gym.

iv) A Grappling Dummy

If you would like to perfect your wrestling or martial arts skills, you will need a grappling dummy. After all, you may not always be able to find an exercise partner willing to be wrestled down until you complete your workout. Using a grappling dummy is easy. Just visit to learn more about how to use the dummy at home. While going to the gym is still necessary as you will get instructions and tips from experienced instructors, a grappling dummy will give you an edge over anyone who does not have a grappling dummy at home. After all, you will be able to put some of the tips you got at the gym to the test by grappling with the dummy. You will be happy to know that these dummies are not costly, and they are easy to use.