Bee Safe Boulder's Advisory Board is made up of various professionals and experts who provide consultation and guidance to our organization. Below are the current members of our Advisory Board. If you're interested in joining the Bee Safe Team as a member of Bee Safe Boulder's Advisory Board, please email


Cathy Conery

“I joined Bee Safe Boulder because I was worried about the effect of neonics on bees.”

Cathy organized a door-to-door effort in her neighborhood to inform neighbors about the role neonics and herbicides play in bees’ colony collapse. She and her team of volunteers educated neighbors about the harmful effects of these chemicals have on bees and asked them to pledge not to use them. Her neighborhood is on the way to becoming the largest neighborhood yet to pledge to be Bee Safe. She strongly feels that making one’s neighborhood “bee safe” is a goal within reach. “It’s something you can do, too, in your neighborhood.”


Chris Alsop

Coming Soon! 


Chad Street 

“I joined Bee Safe Boulder to help educate as many people as possible about the importance of honey bees, their fragile existence and offer a resource for removing and relocating hives to help them thrive again.”

When he was a kid his grandfather sparked his interest in honey bees. Many years later, he had the opportunity to help a friend with a structural hive removal from a house. “I started my first hive with those rescued bees and was hooked. About six years ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to combine my love of nature, beekeeping and climbing and started Bees and Trees Inc.” He has been able to save many feral honey bee hives by providing removals and relocations from structures and trees. He and his wife Liana and spend much of their spare time providing education about the importance of honey bees and other pollinators and what people can do to help them survive.  


Drew Toher

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